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Posted 17th April 2013, by admin, and filed under Music

Marija Kovacevic is no doubt a brilliant artist, she designed the inlays for our new album Depths of Despair and she finally got a hold of the CD. Marija’s  relationship with SystemHouse33 goes right back to the early days, where she had designed the artwork for the bands 1st EP – Discernment. Reconnecting with Marija after a span of 6-7 years feels great and it is an honour for SystemHouse33 to feature her artwork on our album.

Here is Marija back home with a copy of the album Depth of Despair.


Marija currently doing a degree in art in Belgrade and is truly a genius at her work. To see more of Marija’s brilliant artwork, order your copy of Depths of Despair today. You may order your CD by sending an email to

Stay tuned for more updates on our album distributors.

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