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Posted 5th November 2013, by Diel, and filed under Updates Vocalist Samron Jude visited the grave of legendary Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell’s grave on November 2, 2013 at Moore Funeral Home in Arlington, Texas.

Samron also met Dimebag’s childhood friend Brian Erickson at Dime’s grave and after paying their respects to the guitarist, headed to The Rail Club in Dallas, which featured Erickson’s nephew’s band “London’s Dungeon”. The venue has previously hosted bands like Vinnie Paul’s “Hell Yeah” among others. He also happened to meet Pantera’s first vocalist Donny Hart at the event. \m/

Exclusive photos!

Dimebags grave-1

Samron pays his respects to Dimebag Darrell in Texas.

Dimebags grave-2

Brian Erickson and Samron.

Dimebags grave-3

Samron, Mariel, Brian and Emma at Dime’s grave in Texas.

Londons Dungeon Rail Club Texas 2013-1

Paul London of London’s Dungeon with Brian and Emma Erickson

Londons Dungeon Rail Club Texas 2013-2

London Dungeon’s bassist Pierce

Londons Dungeon Rail Club Texas 2013-3

Pantera’s first vocalist in the early 80’s – Donny Hart

The album-5

London’s Dungeon Live!

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