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Posted 1st April 2014, by Diel, and filed under Rock Shows, Videos Thrashfest 2014 took place on February 9, 2014 and in addition to an insane line-up, SystemHouse33 was the explosive opening act for the gig.

Some photos of the band at Thrashfest 2014:

sh33 thrash

sh33 thrashfest pic 1

sh33 thrashfest pic 2


sh33 thrashfest 3_2

sh33 thrashfest 5

sh33 thrashfest 7

Video of SystemHouse33 at Thrashfest 2014 India.

SystemHouse33 Thrashfest 2014’s heavy line-up.
Samron Jude – vocals
Daniel D’souza – guitars
Leon Quadros – bass
Amogh Sharma – drums

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