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Posted 9th May 2014, by Diel, and filed under Rock Shows, Updates SystemHouse33 is the final band to have made it to the crazy line-up of the much talked about Transcending Obscurity Fest.

Just days away, this 10-year-old experimental death thrash band will open the humongous metal fest on May 11, 2014 in Thane, Mumbai.

SystemHouse33 Transcending Obscurity Fest

The metal festival features 8 other bands signed on to the Transcending Obscurity record label, which is managed by Kunal Choksi – who has gone out of the way to promote Indian metal through various gigs in Mumbai. \m/

The other bands in the line-up include Stark Denial, Orion, Cosmic Infusion, Halahkuh, Albatross, Grossty, Gutslit and Fragarak.

Stay tuned for photos and videos!

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