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Posted 17th December 2015, by Diel, and filed under Rock Shows, Updates

Day 4 of the SystemHouse33 Xmas In Hell European Tour 2015 in Germany and Austria. – After the Austrian capital of Vienna, the next gig of the Xmas in Hell 2015 tour took place in the German capital of Berlin on December 7, 2015.

Right from the venue to the support crew to the crowd and the show itself, everything was crazy. SystemHouse33 belted out tracks from the new album “Regression” and the supporting bands (Soul Line and Short Fuse) set the stage on fire for the heavy headliner – Six Feet Under.

A full-power heavy metal show and pure madness. Thank you to everyone who came out to support us on a Monday. Stay metal! \m/

Exclusive photos courtesy Mariel Diella.

SystemHouse33 Xmas In Hell European Tour 2015




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SystemHouse33 is a groove-thrash metal band from Mumbai, India. Founded in 2003 by vocalist Samron Jude, the band has 4 albums to its credit and is set to release their new album “Regression” early 2016.

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