Indian Heavy Metal

SystemHouse33 is a groove, death-thrash metal band from Bombay, India.

With a vision of overturning the broken system of depravity, apathy and oppression in society, the seeds of a responsible & empathetic system need to be sown within your mind, your house, and once these notions take root and grow, can there be hope for a system that doesn’t let the masses down. This realization led to the birth of a heavy metal band in a small town of India founded by Samron Jude – SystemHouse33. The aim for the band has been to disseminate the necessity to create an unwavering system of change as laid out in their tracks “Lift This Plague” (highlighting the atrocities faced by women in India), “Detestable Idolatry” (the hypocrisy of religiosity), “Let’s Stand Up” (rise up and speak up for your rights), “Cry of Anguish” (the unseen struggle with one’s mental health) among others.

In the recent years, since SystemHouse33 ventured into the global metal touring market, the band has been bringing Indian heavy metal to the forefront with successful tours in Europe (supporting Six Feet Under, Orphaned Land, Nervosa, Burning Witches) and North America (supporting Soulfly, Dying Fetus, The Acacia Strain, Toxic Holocaust).

The band’s uniquely brutal style of music has enabled them to gradually carve their place in the world of metal with their albums “Regression” (2016) and “End Of Days” (2019); and the brand new “Salvation” (2022).


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