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Day 4 of the SystemHouse33 Xmas In Hell European Tour 2015 in Germany and Austria. – After the Austrian capital of Vienna, the next gig of the Xmas in Hell 2015 tour took place in the German capital of Berlin on December 7, 2015.

Right from the venue to the support crew to the crowd and the show itself, everything was crazy. SystemHouse33 belted out tracks from the new album “Regression” and the supporting bands (Soul Line and Short Fuse) set the stage on fire for the heavy headliner – Six Feet Under.

A full-power heavy metal show and pure madness. Thank you to everyone who came out to support us on a Monday. Stay metal! \m/

Exclusive photos courtesy Mariel Diella.

SystemHouse33 Xmas In Hell European Tour 2015




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About SystemHouse33:

SystemHouse33 is a groove-thrash metal band from Mumbai, India. Founded in 2003 by vocalist Samron Jude, the band has 4 albums to its credit and is set to release their new album “Regression” early 2016.

Posted 8th December 2015, by Diel, and filed under Rock Shows, Updates The third gig of the Xmas in Hell tour took us to the country of Austria on December 6, 2015 and what a venue! Situated 2 floors underground, the gig was undoubtedly one of the best ones on this tour.

SystemHouse33 is on tour with American death metal band Six Feet Under as part of the Xmas in Hell 2015 tour in Germany and Austria. Other supporting acts include SoulLine and Short Fuse.

A big thank you to all the wonderful people we met, the crew and owners of the club in Vienna.

The band is currently promoting the new album Regression set for an early 2016 release.

Photos of the gig, credits – Mariel Diella.

SystemHouse33_Vienna_Dec 6 2015


Posted 6th December 2015, by Diel, and filed under Updates SystemHouse33 kicked off their first ever European tour by performing at Rostock in Germany. The Indian groove-thrash metal band is on tour with American metallers Six Feet Under as part of the Xmas in Hell 2015 tour in Germany and Austria. Other supporting acts include Short Fuse and Soul Line.

The crowd at Rostock were among the first to hear the new album Regression set to release early 2016.

Exclusive photos of SystemHouse33 on December 4, 2015 in Rostock, Germany.


SystemHouse33_Rostock 1

Photo: Mariel DIella

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Mumbai metallers SystemHouse33 wrapping up fifth album Regression, to be launched this winter. – Still stoked from the announcement that SystemHouse33 will be touring with Six Feet Under in Europe in December comes some other great news. The second half of 2015 started off with SystemHouse33 checking back in the studio giving finishing touches to their new album Regression and the 5th album of the Mumbai-based metal band is set to be released this winter.

The album has been recorded in the home studio of vocalist & founding member Samron Jude as well as That Studio in Mumbai, India.


Produced by Samron Jude and Atish Thomas – with intense vocals, drumming and guitar riffs – this album is set to be a notch above all the previous SystemHouse33 albums and tracks that have been out so far.


Covering the regressive nature of this ever progressing world, the tracks of the new SystemHouse33 album throws  light on the omnipresent, yet rarely acknowledged two-sides of a developing world and how primitive a human being is in actuality. Regression is the other name of progress, it is the disintegrating world we live in.

It’s not just about the rat race, its what makes people tread down that wide path of destruction masked in the tantalizing hype along with the alarming acceptance of a superficial life which has no place for morality.

By this album, the heavy metal band wants people to realize this evil around them and stand up for what is the truth.

Exclusive photos of some of SystemHouse33’s recording sessions, tracking vocals, guitars and bass. [All Photo Credits: Mariel Diella]

SystemHouse33_Regression2Vocalist Samron Jude recording vocals for Regression.

SystemHouse33_Regression3Atish and Samron working on parts of the new album.




Samron and his Washburn Dime Bolt guitar.
Atish_Regression_TrendkillAtish tracking guitars on the Trendkill.
Leon tracking bass


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Indian metal is going places as SystemHouse33 to support Six Feet Under on European tour. – It’s official! SystemHouse33 is happy to announce that the Indian heavy metal band will be supporting American death metallers Six Feet Under on their annual Xmas in Hell tour in Europe this December. \m/

Short Fuse (USA), Soul Line (CH) and Blackout (France) are the other supporting acts.

SystemHouse33 to support Six Feet Under on European tourPhoto: Mariel

Founding member Samron Jude, bassist Leon, guitarist Jack and Zygnema’s Mayank (in place of drummer Atish Thomas who has some prior commitments) will be joining the band on the European tour.

SystemHouse33_Six Feet Under

Talking about the tour which will see an Indian band support a metal giant on their very own tour, frontman Samron Jude says, “We are very excited that SystemHouse33 will be taking Indian metal to places and what a better way than to open for Chris Barnes and Six Feet Under, one of the biggest death metal acts around and that to on their Xmas in Hell tour!”. Jude added,” Our man Atish won’t be on this tour due to other commitments, but we have Mayank from Zygnema who will be joining us on drum duties, so it’s going to be crazy”.

For now, SystemHouse33 is currently in the studio completing their 5th album Regression which is set to release in a few weeks.

Rolling Stone India made the official announcement on their site. Read it all here.

Check the official Xmas in Hell 2015 tour dates in the promo video

The tour dates (more TBA)

December 3rd – Roxy, Flensburg (Germany)

December 4th – Alte Zuckerfabrik, Rostock (Germany)

December 5th – L.A., Cham (Germany)

December 6th – Viper Room, Wien (Austria)

December 7th – K 17, Berlin (Germany)

December 8th – the Factory, Magdeburg (Germany)

December 9th – Rock It, Aalen (Germany)

December 10th – Eventhalle Westpark, Ingolstadt (Germany)

December 11th – East Club, Bischofswerda (Germany)

December 12th – Alte Spinnerei, Glauchau (Germany)


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Posted 22nd September 2015, by Diel, and filed under Updates It’s September 22 once again and this day has always been a big day for SystemHouse33 for 2 main reasons.


1. It is the birthday of our vocalist and founding member Samron Jude.

2. It is also the day SystemHouse33 was born, 12 years ago.

Quite understandably, it is one big heavy metal party, but what makes it bigger this year is not only the fact that we will be launching our new album “Regression”, but you can also expect a massive announcement that is set to be made later in the day.

We have been working hard on the album and getting our music out and we are thankful to everyone who has supported us this far and looking forward to the year ahead.

Posted 4th July 2015, by Diel, and filed under Updates The 5th album of experimental thrash metallers SystemHouse33 is getting wrapped up and it’s just a few weeks more for the official launch across the globe.

The band has been putting in a lot of time into the music, which they hope everyone gets to share that experience with them.

SystemHouse33_Regression 2015

Talking about the new album, vocalist Samron Jude said, “‘Regression’ is one of the most important albums that I have worked on as a musician from all the bands that I have been a part of; working with Atish Thomas and also producing this one along with me has made us as a band have a much larger vision of music than we ever did in these 12 years.”


This album is one of the much awaited heavy metal albums of the year in India as SystemHouse33 will feature the same heavy lineup it had back in 2009 -2011 and with a rougher and solid new sound with founding member Samron on vocals, Atish on drums, Leon on bass and Jack back on guitars.

Atish Regression_SystemHouse33

Stay tuned for more updates and announcements.

Jack_SystemHouse33_ Regression

Leon Regression_SystemHouse33_2015

Photo Credits & Copyrights: Mariel Diella

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Posted 5th January 2015, by Diel, and filed under Updates – This 2015, Jack Thomas (the brother of our crazy drummer Atish Thomas) rejoined SystemHouse33 as the guitarist of the Mumbai-based experimental-thrash metal band.

SystemHouse33_2010SystemHouse33 back in 2010. (l-r: Samron, Jack, Atish, Leon)

Jack previously was part of the band between 2009-2010 and his comeback is only set to make the music heavier than ever – more so as SystemHouse33 wraps up their 5th album – Regression!

The announcement at the Grand Mammoth Festival 2014

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Experimental-Thrash metal act SystemHouse33 to perform at The Grand Mammoth Festival 2014 in Mumbai this December. We are happy to be a part of The Grand Mammoth Festival’s (TGMF) 1st year anniversary gig which is set to take place on December 20, 2014 in Vashi, Mumbai (India).

Besides SystemHouse33, the other metal bands that are part of the line-up include Wrath, Orcus, Trinergic, Primitiv, Diabolus Arcanium, AbraXas and Elemental.

SystemHouse33 to perform at The Grand Mammoth Festival 2014

Organized by Moonlight Entertainments, TGMF is one Indian heavy metal festival that is set to be extremely intense. SystemHouse33 will be belting out tracks from their 4 albums, besides some surprise tracks, so don’t forget to mark that date now and catch Samron, Daniel, Leon and Atish destroy the place. \m/


The gig poster.

SystemHouse33_Grand Mammoth Festival

Gig Details
Name: The Grand Mammoth Festival 1 year Anniversary
Date: December 20, 2014
Venue: Marine Center, Vashi, Sector 11, Mumbai, India

A video of SystemHouse33 playing “Death Wish” at one of their previous gigs in Mumbai:

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Posted 30th October 2014, by Diel, and filed under Rock Shows, Updates – SystemHouse33 at The Surge, Mumbai.

SystemHouse33 played another heavy gig at “The Surge” on October 26, 2014 at Spill in Mumbai, India.

The other bands in the lineup included AlphaQ and Providence which was preceded by a Battle of the Bands event.

SystemHouse33 at The Surge, Mumbai

SystemHouse33 belted out all the tracks from their 4th album “Depths of Despair”, in addition to some older tracks like “Healing You” and also had Zygnema’s Sidharth Kadadi on guitars for a Pantera cover “Slaughtered”.

Atish_SystemHouse33_Surge_MetalAtish in destruction mode! m/

Samron_SystemHouse33_Surge_MetalThe frontman – Samron.


Leon_SystemHouse33_Surge-GigBass(ically) Leon!

Daniel_SystemHouse33_Surge-1Danny whipping a storm.

SystemHouse33_Pantera_Slaughtered-GigSystemHouse33 featuring guitarist Sidhart Kadadi.

SystemHouse33_Soundcheck_Metal-1Setting the heavy sound! m/

The Surge promo poster:


SystemHouse33’s promo video for The Surge:

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