SystemHouse33 at Blue Frog Metal Night – Photos + Videos

SystemHouse33 perform live at Blue Frog’s Metal Night April event. SystemHouse33 had an explosive set for the April version of Metal Nights, at Blue Frog – one of the best live gig venue’s in Mumbai. The event took place on April 20, 2014 at Lower Parel.

Systemhousee live at BluefrogPhoto Credits: Mariel

The monthly “Blue Frog Metal Night” gig also featured bands Sceptre and Asylum.

Exclusive photos of the gig!

SystemHouse33 BlueFROG  5Guitar solos away!

SystemHouse33 BlueFROG  6Heavy stuff!

SystemHouse33 BlueFROG 1Samron getting the night started!

SystemHouse33 BlueFROG 2Samron – power vocals!

SystemHouse33 BlueFROG 10Atish Thomas – smashing away on those drums!

SystemHouse33 BlueFROG 3The band members with friends and fellow musicians who came out to support Indian metal at this Easter gig.

SystemHouse33 BlueFROG 4Leon Quadros – boom bass!

SystemHouse33 BlueFROG 7The band – on fire!!

SystemHouse33 BlueFROG 8SH33’s setlist for the evening.

SystemHouse33 BlueFROG 9

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Photo & Video credits: Mariel Diella

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SystemHouse33 to play at Blue FROG's Metal Night on April 20, 2014
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