SystemHouse33 Xtreme Carnage Fest 2, Hyderabad – Gig Photos / Video We played at the Xtreme Carnage Fest 2 in Hyderabad on November 16, 2013.

A couple of photos of SystemHouse33 at the gig and a video of us playing “Deathwish”.

sh33 xtreme carnage-6

sh33 xtreme carnage-5

sh33 xtreme carnage-4

sh33 xtreme carnage-3

sh33 xtreme carnage-2

sh33 xtreme carnage-1

sh33 xtreme carnage


Announcement - Amogh Sharma is our SystemHouse33 drummer!
SystemHouse33 to perform at Thrashfest 2014 in Mumbai