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SystemHouse33 hits 10-year mark

On September 22, 2013, SystemHouse33 turned 10 years old. It is hardly believable that this band started a decade ago in the small town of Nagpur, India and has now gone on to release 4 albums, as well as having played across India. A very big THANK YOU to everyone...

SystemHouse33 on international radio yet again!

SystemHouse33 will be featured yet again on international radio along with a host of bands from around the world. Please tune in to Radio Revolta at 23:30 IST and listen to some Indian Metal on international airwaves! Here is a list of bands that are playing. We are # 10 1.Sacro-Argentina 2.Agony's...

SystemHouse33 on radio in Poland and around the world tonight!

SystemHouse33 will be featured on Radio Revolta  tonight at 00:30 Indian time, that is 21:00 Polish time. Tune in to Radio Revolta tonight and support the metal movement! http://radiorevolta.eu/viewpage.php?page_id=117 Stay Heavy!

SystemHouse33 on NH7

Friends, you will now be able to find us on the NH7 website. NH7 does a lot to promote live music in India and we are happy to have a presence on their site. You will be able to stream some songs from our new album Depths of Despair and...