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SystemHouse33 – Regression Digital Album | Buy Now! Now you can buy a digital copy of our latest release “Regression”.

You will be among the 1st ones to receive SystemHouse33’s new album “Regression”  via email as the album launches January 31, 2016.

SystemHouse33 - Regression Digital Album Pre-order

Simply order the album now and we will send you the digital copy of the album along with the Lyric e-booklet and artwork. Stay metal! \m/

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About SystemHouse33:

SystemHouse33 is a groove-thrash metal band from Mumbai, India. Founded in 2003 by vocalist Samron Jude, the band has 4 albums to its credit and is set to release their new album “Regression” early 2016. The current line-up includes Samron Jude (vocals), Leon Quadros (bass), Atish Thomas (drums), Jack Thomas (guitar)

Posted 6th June 2015, by Diel, and filed under Music SystemHouse33 has been working on their latest new album “Regression” which is set for a mid-August 2015 launch. The recording sessions have been getting monstrous by the day as you can see by this video clip at one of the metal band’s sessions in Mumbai.

Jamming to tracks of the new album with insane drumming by Atish, heavier than ever vocals by Samron, slamming bass by Leon and the much awaited dark metal riffs by Jack; Regression is going to be one of the heaviest Indian metal albums of the year. \m/

Stay tuned for more updates on ‘Regression’.

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Posted 10th July 2013, by Diel, and filed under Music, Updates SystemHouse33’s latest album “Depths of Despair” can now be ordered online on under the “July Deals” section.

The Cds are priced at INR 150 and a number of payment options are available.

Get your copy today at

SystemHouse33 Cd on Bajaao


You can Get your digital copy at OKlisten.

Listen to “Depths of Despair” on our website and Reverbnation.


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Marija Kovacevic is no doubt a brilliant artist, she designed the inlays for our new album Depths of Despair and she finally got a hold of the CD. Marija’s  relationship with SystemHouse33 goes right back to the early days, where she had designed the artwork for the bands 1st EP – Discernment. Reconnecting with Marija after a span of 6-7 years feels great and it is an honour for SystemHouse33 to feature her artwork on our album.

Here is Marija back home with a copy of the album Depth of Despair.


Marija currently doing a degree in art in Belgrade and is truly a genius at her work. To see more of Marija’s brilliant artwork, order your copy of Depths of Despair today. You may order your CD by sending an email to

Stay tuned for more updates on our album distributors.

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SystemHouse33 is proud to announce that our latest album Depths of Despair will be available on on the following link:

Screen Shot 2013-04-13 at 10.07.32 AM

You can now download our songs and album on OkListen if you are in India.

Stay Heavy! \m/

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