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The much awaited SystemHouse33 Xmas in Hell Tour Madness Official video is out. Check out never seen before footage of the 2015 tour where SystemHouse33 shared the stage with Six Feet Under, Short Fuse and SoulLine while promoting the album Regression across Europe.

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The Metal Alliance Tour and it’s significance to SystemHouse33 and Indian metal. Even though it’s been few months since we toured USA last year, this is one hell of an experience that won’t shake off easily. For SystemHouse33, being a part of the massive Metal Alliance Tour in USA was a new high of sorts. Why? A couple of reasons:

1. We took our heavy brand of Indian metal to the United States of America – the birthplace of thrash metal. Not many people knew that metal existed in India, they imagined India was either a “techie” place filled with engineers or a place filled with bullock carts and cows roaming the street (both are true in a way.haha) Coming from a small town of Nagpur, moving to Mumbai and then taking it to the west has been unbelievable!

Metal Alliance Tour

2. We met some crazy and insaneley-talented people who we are honored to call friends. A big shout out to our brothers from Short Fuse where we performed at the Mother’s Day Metal fest before our tour.

Metal Alliance Tour_SystemHouse33

3. Humbled to have created metal history by becoming the first metal band from India to be a part of the Metal Alliance Tour which was headlined by Dying Fetus and co-headlined by The Acacia Strain and supported by Junglerot and Black Crown Initiate. The previous headliners include our inspirations DevilDriver, Anthrax, Behemoth, Goat Whore, Exodus, among several other sick bands.


4. SystemHouse33 became the first Indian band to perform at the legendary Whisky a Go Go in Hollywood, Los Angeles where many legendary musicians like Janis Joplin, The Doors, Van Halen among others performed at this venue.

systemhouse33 dimebag

5. Thankful to be the first Indian metal band to have the opportunity to pay a visit on our off-day to the late Dimebag Darrell memorial in Arlington, Texas. Dime was one of SystemHouse33’s biggest inspirations. It was truly a special time, Dimebag influenced us in more ways than you can imagine and to be in Pantera-land was a dream come true. \m/

Terrorizer June 2016

6. The new album Regression and the tour was featured in several metal magazines including Metal Hammer UK, Decibel, Terrorizer, Rolling Stone among others. Who thought that could happen?!

Dying Fetus_Colorado_MarielDiella

7. We had a successful tour and thankful to everyone who supported us. Driving in the RV more than 8500 miles from California to New York and having a safe journey, packed shows each night, performing in incredible venues and enjoying great company just made this so much more memorable. The guys from Dying Fetus were so cool, they shared some great stories on their show in Shillong, India.

With that in mind, we would like to share some videos that were taken on tour. A big thank you to Mariel Diella for braving moshpits and capturing some amazing moments on our maiden American tour. Thank you to the Whisky a Go Go for the great videos and a big thank you to the bands we toured alongside. Had a blast on tour, till next time! Cheers!






Posted 22nd September 2016, by admin, and filed under Updates, Videos SystemHouse33 completes 13 years of being a metal band on September 22, 2016 and it is also the birthday of our founding member and vocalist Samron Jude. To add to this celebration, we are excited to release the official music video of our track Death Chamber from the album Regression.\m/

Special thanks to Mariel Diella and Furtados music.

A big thank you to the entire team.
Video Credits:
Producer: Ananya Dasgupta

Director: Mohsin Ali Khan

Director of photography: Gaurav Dimri

Hair and Make Up Artist: Mrinalinee Mukherjee

Assistant Director: Karanbir Ghumman

Second Camera Operator: Mohsin Ali Khan

Third Camera Operator: Nirmit Haldankar

Offline Editor: Hemant Kumar

Assistant Editor: Suraj Singh, Sanjay Soni

Online Artist: Rajesh

Post Production Studio: H K Studio


Posted 15th October 2015, by Diel, and filed under Videos Being in the studio recording new tracks and playing that same heavy music on stage in front of a crowd is something that gives us great satisfaction. That holds true for all musicians.

Right now, the former is happening and we’d like to share a sneak peek at what went down in the That Studio (Mumbai) while recording for our album Regression. Can’t wait to perform this live once the album “Regression” launches this winter. \m/

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Mumbai metallers SystemHouse33 wrapping up fifth album Regression, to be launched this winter. – Still stoked from the announcement that SystemHouse33 will be touring with Six Feet Under in Europe in December comes some other great news. The second half of 2015 started off with SystemHouse33 checking back in the studio giving finishing touches to their new album Regression and the 5th album of the Mumbai-based metal band is set to be released this winter.

The album has been recorded in the home studio of vocalist & founding member Samron Jude as well as That Studio in Mumbai, India.


Produced by Samron Jude and Atish Thomas – with intense vocals, drumming and guitar riffs – this album is set to be a notch above all the previous SystemHouse33 albums and tracks that have been out so far.


Covering the regressive nature of this ever progressing world, the tracks of the new SystemHouse33 album throws  light on the omnipresent, yet rarely acknowledged two-sides of a developing world and how primitive a human being is in actuality. Regression is the other name of progress, it is the disintegrating world we live in.

It’s not just about the rat race, its what makes people tread down that wide path of destruction masked in the tantalizing hype along with the alarming acceptance of a superficial life which has no place for morality.

By this album, the heavy metal band wants people to realize this evil around them and stand up for what is the truth.

Exclusive photos of some of SystemHouse33’s recording sessions, tracking vocals, guitars and bass. [All Photo Credits: Mariel Diella]

SystemHouse33_Regression2Vocalist Samron Jude recording vocals for Regression.

SystemHouse33_Regression3Atish and Samron working on parts of the new album.




Samron and his Washburn Dime Bolt guitar.
Atish_Regression_TrendkillAtish tracking guitars on the Trendkill.
Leon tracking bass


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Experimental thrash act SystemHouse33 Live at Blizzard 2014 in Pune, India . SystemHouse33 Live at Blizzard 2014 –  Pune’s much-awaited metal gig Blizzard 2014 took place on June 14, 2014 at Rastafa and SystemHouse33 was one of the 6 bands in the heavy line-up organized by the Stormbringer and

SystemHouse33 Live at BlizzardThe great turnout at Blizzard as SystemHouse33 perform their heavy tracks.

Just 150 kms away from Mumbai city, SystemHouse33 had somewhat of a road trip to Pune, along with a couple of friends who drove the distance to support the band with the direct destination being the venue – Rastafa.

Breaks on the picturesque route, reaching directly at the venue in time for sound check, the insane Blizzard gig, being interviewed for a documentary, chilling with other bands and crazy post-gig scenes in Pune city – it was all captured on camera.

The band had a great time performing to the crowd of metalheads who turned up in large numbers to support Indian metal.

Anarchy, Existence Failed, Cruoris, Consecration and Sceptre were the other bands that played live at the event.

Check out photos of SystemHouse33’s gig and other scenes:

Systemhouse33 set for blizzardAll set for Pune!

SystemHouse33 Live at Blizzard 10The band members meet up before embarking on the road trip to Pune.

SystemHouse33 Live at Blizzard 11Making time for an early morning band picture by the lake somewhere near Seawoods.

SystemHouse33 Pune Roadtrip stopTaking a break half-way, photobombed by a baba with long dreadlocks.

SystemHouse33 meetup at PuneA SystemHouse33 group meet of sorts at Lonavla.

SH33 PUNE SHADESSawant and his trippy shades.

SystemHouse33 Live at Blizzard 9Reached the venue “Rastafa” in Pune and a blackboard with writing in chalk reveals the bands set to play on June 14, 2014.

SystemHouse33 Live at Blizzard 16SystemHouse33’s talented sound engineer Akash Sawant sets the heavy tones alongside vocalist Samron Jude.

SystemHouse33 Live at BlizzardLeon, Sam, Atish and Danny at the band’s sound check.

SystemHouse33 Live at Blizzard 5The massive SystemHouse33 “Depths of Despair” hoarding is up at the venue.

SystemHouse33 Live at Blizzard 15Samron, Daniel and Akash relax before the gig along with all the other Mumbai folk (standing) who travelled to Pune for Blizzard 2014.

SystemHouse33 Live at Blizzard 6The band gets interviewed for a documentary on the metal scene in India.

SystemHouse33 Live at Blizzard 12Up, close and personal with SystemHouse33! \m/

SystemHouse33 Live at Blizzard 14Watching the other crazy bands perform.

SystemHouse33 Live at Blizzard 17SystemHouse33 hits the stage and the crowd headbangs and moshes!

SystemHouse33 Live at Blizzard 8Atish slams away on the drum kit like there’s no tomorrow. \m/

SystemHouse33 Live at Blizzard 7Samron and Leon get the moshpit going.

SystemHouse33 Live at Blizzard 13Belting out tracks from the heavy album “Depths of Despair, as well as older ones.

SystemHouse33 Live at BlizzardSam and Danny take center stage.

SystemHouse33 Live at Blizzard 3Leon slaps that b-ass!

SystemHouse33 Live at Blizzard 4Destroying the place – Blizzard scenes!

SystemHouse33 Live at Blizzard 18Post-gig: SystemHouse33 with Sceptre and the Blizzard organizers. Navneet Sandhu, (first from left – sitting) the man who worked hard to make the gig happen along with the others. \m/

SystemHouse33 Live at Blizzard 19Brunch at the bakery!

SystemHouse33 in Pune 2014 SystemHouse33 manager Rohan Mehta chills with the band the next day in Pune. (To book SystemHouse33 for gigs/events, contact Rohan)

SystemHouse33 Pune Roadtrip 2014Some of our good friends who drove from Mumbai to support SystemHouse33 at Blizzard 2014.

SystemHouse33 at the High SPiritsThe Manager knows best – Rohan takes the guys out to The High Spirits in Pune to unwind to some great indie music.


SystemHouse33 performing at Blizzard:

Check SystemHouse33 on Facebook. To book the band for a gig, get in touch via


All Photo & Video Credits/Copyrights – Mariel Diella


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SystemHouse33 perform live at Blue Frog’s Metal Night April event. SystemHouse33 had an explosive set for the April version of Metal Nights, at Blue Frog – one of the best live gig venue’s in Mumbai. The event took place on April 20, 2014 at Lower Parel.

Systemhousee live at BluefrogPhoto Credits: Mariel

The monthly “Blue Frog Metal Night” gig also featured bands Sceptre and Asylum.

Exclusive photos of the gig!

SystemHouse33 BlueFROG  5Guitar solos away!

SystemHouse33 BlueFROG  6Heavy stuff!

SystemHouse33 BlueFROG 1Samron getting the night started!

SystemHouse33 BlueFROG 2Samron – power vocals!

SystemHouse33 BlueFROG 10Atish Thomas – smashing away on those drums!

SystemHouse33 BlueFROG 3The band members with friends and fellow musicians who came out to support Indian metal at this Easter gig.

SystemHouse33 BlueFROG 4Leon Quadros – boom bass!

SystemHouse33 BlueFROG 7The band – on fire!!

SystemHouse33 BlueFROG 8SH33’s setlist for the evening.

SystemHouse33 BlueFROG 9

Live Videos:

Watch more videos on our Youtube channel –

Photo & Video credits: Mariel Diella

Posted 1st April 2014, by Diel, and filed under Rock Shows, Videos Thrashfest 2014 took place on February 9, 2014 and in addition to an insane line-up, SystemHouse33 was the explosive opening act for the gig.

Some photos of the band at Thrashfest 2014:

sh33 thrash

sh33 thrashfest pic 1

sh33 thrashfest pic 2


sh33 thrashfest 3_2

sh33 thrashfest 5

sh33 thrashfest 7

Video of SystemHouse33 at Thrashfest 2014 India.

SystemHouse33 Thrashfest 2014’s heavy line-up.
Samron Jude – vocals
Daniel D’souza – guitars
Leon Quadros – bass
Amogh Sharma – drums

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Posted 2nd November 2013, by Diel, and filed under Videos Groove-progressive metal band SystemHouse33 has launched the music video of the title track of their 4th album “Depths of Despair this November. The worldwide launch was unveiled on SystemHouse33’s Youtube channel –

The video features band mates Samron, Daniel, Leon and Amogh on drums. It has smashing visuals of projected emotions stemming from a darkened psyche and  portrayed via socially unacceptable behaviors condoned by a hypocritical civilization. Too deep to comprehend? Afterall, it’s all about depth, not something shallow and that’s a heavy thought for such a profound disposition!

Check out the music video below. Enjoy and keep it heavy people!! \m/

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