Samron Jude and SystemHouse33 complete another year! It’s September 22 once again and this day has always been a big day for SystemHouse33 for 2 main reasons.


1. It is the birthday of our vocalist and founding member Samron Jude.

2. It is also the day SystemHouse33 was born, 12 years ago.

Quite understandably, it is one big heavy metal party, but what makes it bigger this year is not only the fact that we will be launching our new album “Regression”, but you can also expect a massive announcement that is set to be made later in the day.

We have been working hard on the album and getting our music out and we are thankful to everyone who has supported us this far and looking forward to the year ahead.

SystemHouse33 new 2015 album Regression - Photos
SystemHouse33 to support Six Feet Under on European tour